is unique! It’s a fully immersive album, created purely for headphone consumption. It was recorded and mixed using Sennheiser’s ground-breaking AMBEO binaural sound technology. This enabled me to record and place sound anywhere within a 360-degree space with full awareness of height and depth positioning. This is essentially how the human ear naturally processes sound. Stereo is only a third of the audio picture. This is surround sound for headphones!

Over the last 18 months, I’ve travelled the world and recorded sounds in various locations on the planet. Marrakech, Mexico, New York, LA, India, Cannes,  Barcelona, Brazil, Jamaica and London. In each of the destinations, I went into the cities, towns and villages and recorded environments and the local inhabitants. Passing through crowds of people, in fleeting moments of time, I captured the drama, comedy and sometimes the irony of real life as it unfolded.

Preachers, Dealers, Gangsters, Snake Charmers, Prophets, Free Thinkers, Buskers, Blaggers and the Innocent Bystander. A cast of thousands shape the script and scenes that set the drama and tone. Befitting immersive soundtracks deliver the moods and flavours. Add these all into the melting pot and you’ve got  “Real Life”.

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New York





360 Sound

My new Frequent Traveller album Real Life is out now,  I am proud to share with you a short promo film that I shot for Sennheiser whilst I was out in Jamaica recently.  Please check it out it’s pretty cool and will give you some good insight on how I recorded this unique record. Put your headphones on and ramp up the volume to a hearty level to enjoy the fully immersive 360 surround sounds I captured from the madness that is Jamaica. 


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